Tropicopop in Trinidad (Thomas Gylling Caribbean episode 1993)

Thursday and its throwbacktime in Scandinavia AND The Caribbean !

This is the mysterious master tape that came to the surface the other day in Stockholm. It was made as an effort to connect The Caribbean and Scandinavia through culture and music. It is also a reminder of a time when international/tropical popmusic was aired on primetime TV in Sweden, week after week. Tropicopop was the name of the game, presented and produced by Thomas Gylling, in cooperation with Meter TV. In 1993 a short and simple pilot-program was done in Port of Spain, the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago. Aiming for the Caribbean and US market it was recorded as a short teaser for a time of 30 minutes. 20 years ago this was unique in an era when television was dominated by the US and UK productions pumping out mainstream MTV type of music. Playing videos from the Caribbean, France, Africa, Latin America and such was unheard of. With guidance from Mr Christopher Laird (Banyan productions in Trinidad) Thomas teamed up with actor / presenter Tony Hall to give a small taste of what the Tropicopop concept had to offer when it came to music and international outlook.

Featuring artists like Kassav, Mighty Sparrow, Alpha Blondy and masterdrummer Dou Dou N´diya Rose.

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